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Introduction to Sharing Housing How to Search for a Home-Mate

Sharing Housing with a Home-Mate

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We have an interesting language thing around this whole notion of shared housing.

One of the things I’ve thought about is that “roommates” are what you do in camp and college — you literally share a room. “Housemates” are kind of for twenty-somethings. I want to coin a word that I call “home-mate” for established adults because I think established adults actually do want a home.

Twenty-seven percent of the households in this country are single occupancy. Fifty percent of adults are single, fifty percent of boomers have not saved enough for retirement.

I think having “home-mates” could be a fabulous answer for a lot of people who are biting their nails and worried about what can happen to them.

They can have this very special relationship — it’s unlike anything else. When you have chosen to share a home and it’s by mutual agreement you have a kind of friendship that is different from a romantic friendship or your friends—the people you do things with.

I had a housemate, home-mate for four years and I realized that we were outside the house with each other exactly twice. Once for an evening out and once for his wedding, but we were really close. We knew a lot about each other’s lives, we talked on a daily basis, we had the stuff of our daily stories — what’s going on at work, what’s going on with our friends — but we never spent time with each other outside. It was a home-mate relationship.

Is a home-mate in your future?

People need people. We all need human connection.

Having a home-mate can help you live a life that is more comfortable, connected, and cheaper. It’s also more sustainable.  The benefits of sharing housing are significant. Read about them on the Why page.

Finding the right person or people is the key to making it work. That’s where the book is your resource. Sharing Housing, A Guidebook for Finding and Keeping Good Housemates is a guide describing the process: what you need to plan, what questions to ask a potential home-mate, how to write an ad, and much much more. I wrote it to be simple and easy to follow. You can download the Preface and Introduction on the sidebar, you can also click the link to go to Amazon, read the reviews and buy the book.)  The book will give you confidence in finding a good home-mate. People tell me that they are constantly returning to it as their go-to resource.

There are worksheets on this site that you can download. (Link below.)

This website is full of information and ideas designed to support you wherever you are: simply curious, actively seeking a home-mate or living already with others. The blog section has many articles including a section called “Real People Sharing Housing,” stories about how it’s working for folks. Please explore the site. Lots of links below to get started.

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You can be happy living with a good home-mate.